Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with my booth registration?

Your booth registration comes with a table and two chairs. If your booth needs power, please let us know ahead of time!

What time does set up start?

Set up starts as early as 9am and the expo runs from 12pm until 4:30pm. There will be a vip happy hour for vendors from 4:30pm until 5:30pm!

How will this expo be marketed?

This event will be promoted through social media, radio, TV and any other means necessary to spread the word.

How big are the tables?

Tables are 8-foot or 6-foot rectangles depending on availability and booth size.

How many booths per a line of business are allowed?

There is no limit per line of business, except for multi-level marketing businesses. There will only be one representative allowed per a brand.

What is required of expo participants?

Expo vendors are asked to set up before the beginning of the expo. We ask that you do not start breaking down until 4:30pm. We also ask that each booth gives away a prize of some kind. We request that all vendor participants follow all Fairhope Civic Center rules and regulations. Lastly, participants should plan to bring a tablecloth (branded or otherwise!) to cover their table if they would like one. The civic center does not provide tablecloths!

How do the door prizes work?

Every vendor can choose to bring a door prize and collect names and email addresses at their booth. The Eastern Shore Business Expo will be collecting names and email addresses as attendees walk in to be entered into the door prize giveaways. Door prize giveaways will start at 3pm, and they will be announced live throughout the event. Vendors will keep their door prizes at their booth; winners will be directed to the appropriate vendor's booth.

If your winner is no longer at the event, we will provide you with the contact information of the winner so they can retrieve their prize.

Where do I park?

The Fairhope Civic Center offers free parking to guests visiting the Eastern Shore Business Expo. We encourage guests to park in the parking garage located at 8 N Church St. We will have a golf cart running every 5 minutes to shuttle guests to and from the parking garage and the Fairhope Civic Center. The City of Fairhope also offers free parking along the sides of the city streets.

May I have more than one booth?

Of course! We encourage our vendors to represent their business (or businesses!) in every way they can. That includes having more than one booth!

How many vendors are there?

There will be 58 vendor spots for The Eastern Shore Business Expo this year.

How many premier booths are available?

There are 7 premier booths. (Currently sold out)

How many lobby booths are available?

There are 6 lobby booths available.

How many booths are available with power?

All 6 lobby booths, all premier booths and 14 standard booths will have power. Power must be requested for standard booths and is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What should I bring to the expo as a vendor?

A tablecloth (preferably branded), an extension cord, business cards, flyers, promotional items and a door prize. If you don't have promotional items or a branded tablecloth, click here to email Pelican Promos to get a quote on specific items.

How much is admission for non-vendors?

Admission is free to the public!

Can I attend the VIP happy hour?

The vip happy hour will be from 4:30pm until 5:30pm. This vip happy hour is strictly for vendors as a "thank you" for attending the expo and contributing their time!

How big are booth spaces?

Standard booth spaces are either 10x8, 8x8 or 8x6. Premier booth spaces are either 12x6 or 8x6. Lobby Booths are 10x8. Near Stage Booths are either 12x6 or 10x6. On stage Booths are 10x10.

What if I want to cancel my booth due to COVID-19?

We are allowing cancellations and giving refunds up until September 7th. Please note no refunds are available for booths booked after March 6th. Just email us here to request a refund:
Any time you interact with other people there is a chance you will get COVID-19. We cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed at this event even with all the necessary precautions. Please use your best judgement and follow all local guidelines for safety when deciding whether to participate in events like this one.
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